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Legal Rights Agreement

The rights of the work and design that has been created by Hivetex Design Studio will belong to the client for whom the project has been made. Hivetex Design Studio will not hold any rights whatsoever to the work provided to the client.

The customer has complete freedom of registering the work provided by Hivetex Design Studio as a trademark. The company will not file for a trademark after the work has been completed.

In case the payment for the design of the logo will be made in disaccord with the policies of Hivetex Design Studio, the company will retract the rights for the logo from the client. The trademark of the customer will be annulled, as well. Hivetex Design Studio vouches for the originality of the designs, as they are not taken from elsewhere or inspired from any other designs/trademarks. However, the company does not vouch that there will not be any similarities between existing logos that Hivetex Design Studio might not be aware of and the one that it has created for a client.

If the logo or web design provided by Hivetex Design Studio is too similar or even identical to the logo of another company, the redrawing of a new suite of logos will be cost-free.


Hivetex Design Studio cannot be hold accountable for a client’s copyright violation

The images, graphics, sketches, copies, files and faxes provided by the customer to Hivetex Design Studio to be used in the design of the logo will serve as proof that the company cannot be blamed for possible copyright violations. Hivetex Design Studio will not vouch for the work as being original. Subsequently, it will not be liable for any violations that might occur. The client will be asked to sign a copyright form before Hivetex Design Studio uses the images it has been provided with by the beneficiary of the logo.


Delivery time

Hivetex Design Studio has the following delivery times:

  • 5 business days for the initial concept of the logo
  • 1-2 business days for requested changes
  • 5 business days for more intricate modifications
  • 3-5 business days for a presentation website
  • 5-7 business days for a store website


Redrawing due dates depends on how fast the company is given all the information by the client that has asked for re-conceptualization.

Font information  

The names of the fonts that have been used by Hivetex Design Studio in creating the logo will be delivered to the client.

However, the font files will not be provided.

Final approvals and stationery design

Once a client has given the final approval on a logo that was created by Hivetex Design Studio, any changes requested for that logo will be paid. Stationery will be set up with the logo on which the client has given his final approval. If the customer wants changes to the stationery, those changes, too, will be charged additionally.

$40 is the minimum charge for any modifications for both stationery and client-approved logos.

Data loss

Even though Hivetex Design Studio takes all the necessary precautions to shield the data on its servers from any risk of loss, clients are advised to back-up the data on external devices and servers. Hivetex Design Studio is not responsible for any loss of data, thus will not reimburse nor compensate the client. Hivetex Design Studio cannot be held accountable for data-loss, especially when customers have been told to back-up all the data and the materials that have been used in creating the logo.

Services and fees

Hivetex Design Studio can make modifications to the website, publications, technical specifications, promotions, product offers and fees. These amendments can happen at any given time and without any notice.

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